Twice Around the Rink

Where Bling and Sk8wear get a second chance to be first.

SELL your second time treasures HERE!

Terms and Conditions

Important Terms, Conditions, and Agreement                           

50/50 split on each item sold –plain and simple. If you are interested in selling your beautiful outgrown sk8ing wear: send a photo of front and back of the item original purchase price or your best guess any information you can give about the item the size ideally what you would like to get for your half of the item. if accepted, we will email you confirmation with shipping instructions

Though we will consider your pricing, we will have the final decision and will be glad to share our rational with you. All items submitted for sale need to be in clean and good condition without stains, holes, missing stones or pieces. Our reputation depends upon it and our customers expect it.

After 90 days, items that have not sold will be reduced by 20% and put in the “Sale Trunk.”

After 120 days, items will be reduced by 40% of their original asking price.

Once items reach 150 days, you have a choice of either having the item donated to charity or returned to you COD.

Please check the appropriate box on the agreement form. If no boxed is checked, the item will be donated to charity at the end of the 150 day period.

Not all items will be accepted as our store is striving to provide the best quality items to our customers. Items that do not fit our categories of sales may not be accepted, with the exception of “Everything Except the Kitchen Sink” with those items being accepted as we see fit. This category is dedicated to those items that make us laugh, are eclectic, or in beautiful condition and do not necessarily have to do with skating.

Payment checks will be issued quarterly on the 30th of March, June, September, and December.

Thanks for considering us for your quality consignments. Please consider us for your quality purchases, too!